An urge to know the truth and secrets of life and death started at a very young age. Thinking that to be aberrant I never felt like talking about these things to others. At the later stages I got to know about the rich spiritual heritage of my Indian culture and at that instant itself I knew my questions would be answered.

The gurukula system of studies and the study of our scriptures is what I wished to study, but I completed my education like every other kid in urban Bangalore and completed my engineering thinking that this urge to know the truth will fade away. But I became untouched.

When the study of yoga and prasthanathrayas( brahma sutras, upanisads ,the bhagavad gita and the mother of languages, Sanskrit started I knew that I had found what I was searching for all these years. Studying these brought a whole new dimension in thinking and life style as I stand as a mere witness spell bound. I found a meaning in life and things started to make sense.

Later when I started discussing about these I observed that these questions were in every one’s mind. Knowing knowledge belongs to everyone I wish to spread this knowledge of yoga to eager young minds. It makes me complete. The urge to know the truth and mysteries of life and reason of birth is what has made me teach yoga. And hence I did my Masters in Yoga and further studies of yoga , vedant and Sanskrit will go on for the rest of my life

So, you can address me as Harsha. And I’d like to share this with all of you there by starting off with Iyengar style of teaching the asanas…..