Our Story

The start of this incredible adventure began with a thought, a thought to help people unleash their inner saviors. The only knight in shining armor here is YOU!

In 2014, we embarked on a mission to create a health revolution through mindfulness. Our motto is Eat, Practice, Love: Eat Mindfully, Practice living your life fully and Gratefulness Daily, and Love Yourself Deeply.

We are Mumbai’s first wholly yogic experience designed with an earthy palette that will make you feel in sync with nature. The ambience and aesthetics are created to lift up your spirits and induce peace and calm.

Our Yoga Shala will give you an opportunity to connect with people from different walks of life. Our quaint and rustic cafe is curated with a spirit of holistic wellness, over here you can experience everything delicious and good without any guilt.

We take pride in building a conscious community that nurtures its members to take steps towards holistic health and wellbeing.

Celebrating life

The bedrock of our foundation lies in slowing down and enjoying each passing moment of life. come and embrace the magic of the space—Live fully, laugh plenty, and make connections that last. Celebrate life with a sustainable and conscious lifestyle through mindful diet, Yoga, and meditation.

Simple. Honest. Authentic.

When we let go of fads, we find a space that is real and pure that helps us connect with ourselves. Our space is a homage to our roots - authentic and simple. Here, you will experience an ambiance that will warm your heart. Everything we do, our products, our ingredients, and our services come from a place of love and warmth.

Truly Coming Home

Find your calm within the city chaos. Disconnect yourself from the rat race and connect with a sustainable lifestyle. Our culture of conscious lifestyle, Yoga and mindful diet will help you connect with your best self. At Yoga house, you will be coming home in every sense—mind, body, and spirit. We are your ashram in an urban space, come and spend your day doing what you love and rejuvenate yourselves.

About the Founder

Mansi Bajaj was happily sailing through the corporate tides before hitting a rough patch, that’s when she found her solace in Yoga. Slowly and subtly, Yoga grew as a way of life for her. To deepen her knowledge and enhance her skills, Mansi attended Yoga courses from some of the most renowned places like Dharamshala, Bali, and Mysore. To further her journey of wellness and mindfulness, Mansi studied the art of Reiki and alternative healing practices, along with expanding her knowledge in nutritious food and a healthy diet.

In all her learnings, one thing became evident that “Gratitude” is the most powerful vibration in this universe and should be the center of our being. Keeping this philosophy at heart, Mansi laid the foundation of the “I am Grateful” brand- which celebrates everything good in life. Every venture she starts is rooted in this philosophy that life should be celebrated.



"We consider Yoga to be the most valuable Indian inheritance of the present and believe it is an essential need of today. Another sentence filler filler."

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Time of India

"Iconic Cafe Award 2021 Best Health Food Cafe (Suburban) Mumbai 2022"

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"We consider Yoga to be the most valuable Indian inheritance of the present and believe it is an essential need of today. Another sentence filler."

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We are on a quest to build a conscious community that encourages health and wellness. A community that shares, connects, celebrates, holds each other, and thrives together!

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Let’s grow together

Join us in our mission of promoting health, wellness, and sustainability at The Yoga House. Come say Namaste!

Become a partner and share your passion for Yoga, Art, Music, Cooking, Dance, Singing, Poetry, Storytelling, Photography, sustainable products, and much more, basically anything and everything wholesome and holistic with us. Reach out for conducting workshops and more.

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Not a trend but a way of life. Sustainability is something that is here to stay and needs to stay. Infused into every practice, meal, and event at The Yoga House, discover the art of sustainable living with us.