Healthy comfort food in an even more comfortable space where you would be spoilt for choice!

तमन्ना भोजनगत: चित्त:

What we feel and think while eating impacts how it affects the mind

We are what we eat!

Yoga is more than poses – it’s a spiritual philosophy and a lifestyle

A yogic diet is an integral part of that lifestyle and it promotes healing, balance and inner peace. It often gets cumbersome to make it at home or find it at restaurants. To assist our community we  came up with  The Yoga House Café.

Our food and space appealed to many and now it has grown to be a favorite spot for people seeking a scrumptious bite of health and goodness as well as a cozy space to just be. We are highly rated and available on Zomato and Swiggy and also do pop-ups and events

High prana food

Our all-day vegetarian menu is inspired by the principles of Ayurvedic diet and caters to the taste buds of the global citizen.

We offer a carefully designed selection that also includes vegan. gluten-free, and keto delicacies Our chefs have mastered the art of offering dishes and flavors from around the world made from locally sourced fresh, healthy and high quality produce. We strive for organic and sustainably farmed ingredients to the extent possible.

Stories galore!

Our Café is also a central point of the community and guests to share space, learnings and stories or just have sumptuous preparations and unwind

All Day Menu

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Enjoy healthy and tasty food on your doorstep.